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Saturday, 21 November 2015

"Show Me The Money!" - Actually, Don't Bother

Leaving the EU is not about how much money we will save - although save some we will.

As pointed out by +Richard North today, the utterly inept Vote Leave campaign has dropped a bollock on the numbers involved with EU exit. Eagerly picked up by The Guardian, such mistakes damage the entire "Leave" brand and - given the newspaper's generally lentil eating, tree-hugging, hemp-wearing centre-left pro-EU readership - will do nothing to help sway those who may be thinking about possibly voting to leave the EU.

You know, the Great Undecided, without whose support the whole referendum will be a waste of time. Such people will simply have their existing prejudices confirmed, ergo "The Leave lot are a bunch of bloody amateurs; better the devil you know etc."

Fact is, we will save money when we leave the EU. But, as Dr North, says, the figures are much less than are touted by many supposedly campaigning for us to "Leave": we must accept that, to have access to the Single Market, we must pay the price.

To my addled mind there are two important conclusions to draw:
  1. It is not about the money anyway. For years the British public has been bombarded with figures about the costs of EU membership; about arcane rebates debated behind locked doors; about "getting our own money back" via EU grants to Universities and so on. Banging on about the numbers has not worked in the past and will not work going forward. We will save some money but not oodles of filthy lucre: five billion a year is nice but small change against the public sector debt of £1.4 trillion and rising. If the debate is framed around the money (and then the figures we use are wrong!!) then it is a debate already lost.
  2. What we are fighting for with "Brexcit" is actually about establishing ourselves again on the global stage, breaking away from "Little Europe", and bringing some democracy back to the British public, points well made in the final three paragraphs here. Again: it is NOT about the money.
We need to box clever. What hope have we got if we get drawn into a debate on an issue where the public don't care and the "facts" are so easily challenged?

Friday, 6 November 2015

LeaveHQ - New Kid On The Block

In the last week or so Leave HQ has launched. What is it and will it be any good?

This blog will be brief, as its purpose is simply to point you to another blog site, LeaveHQ.

LeaveHQ is a gathering point for those who see our leaving the EU as a process, not a one off. It is also a blog built from the ground up; it is not funded by big business nor does it have the stench of the SW1 establishment hanging over it.

The referendum is for the people: LeaveHQ will be a voice for change whose collated content comes from everyday people, not in it for money or kudos but bound together by a common desire: getting this country out of the EU via a credible exit strategy.

In that sense it is unique. Fronted by the people behind this and this it is likely to offer the keenest, clearest content on why and how we can leave the EU, from a variety of clued up sources.

Given the paucity of credible Brexit sites out there, LeaveHQ should be on all of our radars for the foreseeable future.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The CBI: Clueless or Bare Faced Liars?

The Single Market and the EU are not one and the same. Why does the CBI think they are?

In its latest tome, the CBI conflates membership of the Single Market (which we initially need to remain part of if we are going to win the "Leave" vote in the EU Referendum) with membership of the EU (which we do not want, thank you very much).
Of course, this is the same CBI which thought the world would end if the UK did not join the Euro at its launch. And we all know how that panned out (and continues to pan out).

All this begs the question: why would a body so august as the CBI make such an elementary error? One has to conclude that it would not. Which leaves as the only explanation that the CBI are - in this instance - lying bastards being extremely economical with the truth.

For a fuller evisceration of the CBI's disingenuous stance please read this excellent post from Dr +Richard North. As ever, he has a dig at UKIP but - as I have written before - his points are valid. If we want to win the EU Referendum then access to Single Market (and all that entails) has to remain on the table, at least initially.

In the months (years?) up to the Referendum this trick of eliding the Single Market with the EU will be repeated endlessly. We cannot take it for granted that the Great Undecided will notice this sleight of hand. So it is up to all Eurosceptics to tell people the truth - because, as shown above, no one else will.

We cannot expect honesty from the Establishment. The CBI have given us an open goal: are we able to score?